Censpol - výroba modelů, maket a prototypů

CENSPOL s.r.o.
Kozinova 1138, 251 01, Říčany u Prahy
Czech Republic
tel.: +420 602 330 766
e-mail: censpol@censpol.cz

We produce models and maquettes of machines, devices, buildings, areals, architectonic models, sculpturesque maps, kinetic panels, drive simulators, etc. All produced bespoke according to needs and documentation of our customer.

Models and maquettes are made static, kinetic, mechanical and electronically controlled.


It is not only the matter of successful advertising or promotional campaigne, but also related technical equipment, to find the best way how to sell a product well, to appropriately present a statement, to gain or convict a business or strategical partner or to clearly and effectively inform. These indisputably include classical and reliable means of advertising and promotion - spatial models and maquettes.


 In addition to the production, we also offer our customers the technical support and service of those devices. We perform installations at exhibitions and fairs. Our models, maquettes and prototypes are produced by professional modelers who have been dedicated to the modeller craft for many years.